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NI Massive V1.1.5.dmg

Featuring 128-track sequencing capability and up to eight pad banks- more than any other MPC ever-the included MPC Software delivers a massive 9GB+ sound library, including all the sounds of the classic MPC3000 and four MPC Expansions. Instant mapping and real-time adjustment of VST plugins lets you record each track as an MPC drum program, Keygroup program, or VST/AU plugin. Use MPC Software alone as your main DAW, or use it seamlessly with your current studio as a VST, RTAS, or AU plugin.

NI Massive v1.1.5.dmg

When it comes to authentic sound and feel, Helix Floor and Helix Rack guitar processors represent a giant leap forward in modeling technology. Dual-DSPs provide massive power to accurately recreate the sonic characteristics and full dynamic response of classic and modern amplifiers and effects.

V - Hypernova Edge: Like Breaking Point, the user creates a large, now invisible field that is slightly larger than the previous one, stunning everyone inside, while summoning a glowing rainbow broadsword. The people that are stunned are now the "targets" of the user. The user then performs multiple extremely high-speed slashes across each of the targets' chests, jumping from one to the other like Awakened Light C. After doing the slashes, the user teleports back to their original spot, poses with their broadsword in their right hand by twirling it around and thrusting it upwards, as a massive rainbow slash shows up on all of the bodies of the people who were slashed, blowing them away with Quake's shatter effect. Once the move is over, the field disappears. It is highly recommended to be used as a combo ender, as using it as anything else doesn't work due to the knockback. This move deals S++ damage and breaks Ken instantly if you get trapped in the field. It has a quite a bit of endlag, but significantly less compared to the last version.

Z - Slenderman [1 Mastery]: A toggle move with a 35 second cooldown. The user is able to start walking at a very slow pace, slightly slower than regular walking (they still can use Soru, Ken, and the F move). Whenever another person tries to get close to the user, static will start to fade in on a person's screen until the static is nearly covering their entire screen. When a person tries to attack the user or get close to them, random pieces of the surrounding terrain will fly at them and deal damage. The only way this can be countered is if someone uses a single-hit, high damage projectile to hit the user, meaning most stuns won't work (including Pole V2, making this a massive bounty hunter counter). Awakened and Unawakened Light Z do not work, as well as Awakened Light V and C. However, Awakened Light X works due to it being a single-hit, high damage projectile. When the user is hit by this, the move is disabled, and the user has to wait for the cooldown.

X - Calamity Touch [100 Mastery]: The user dashes forward with their hand outstretched. If you hit an opponent, it deals a mediocre amount of damage and knockback, but now, the opponent is "marked." When someone is marked, the user is able to press X again to launch the opponent up into the air, where either a massive ambulance, multiple random NPCs, or a massive amount of knifes fly at the opponent, dealing damage based on what kind of object was launched (ambulance is a single, heavy damage explosion, the NPCs are multiple medium damage hits [they aren't very good at stunning], and the knives are tons of small damage hits that stun the opponent. These are randomized, each with a 1/3 chance, making this an RNG-based move).

4rth skill: [Mastery 120] Global Apocalypse: Player touches the ground, emitting purple electricity which then causes massive explosion dealing very high damage at a very huge radius (Metallic particle bursts from the ground) (Same AoE range as Dragon Talon's Infernal Vortex [C], well they're similar anyways, but this doesn't attract people in) (Decent damage)

5th skill: [Mastery 260] Full Transformation: Player transforms into a big white-colored-Nine-Tailed Fox which grants him/her 30% damage reduction, increases walk/sprint speed/dash distance by 50% (due to the gigantic size), players are unable to sky jump during this transformation but they are able to jump far distances (jump cooldown: 3 seconds) (jump landing deals small damage to surrounding), and increase in blox fruit damage by 20%. Changes "Hybrid Transformation" into "Blazing Purgatory" where player breathes white flames that burns everything on its path, dealing massive AoE burn damage. Enhances "Ancient Predator" into "Voracious Bite" where player bite targets with a pretty decent AoE range/area (deals burn damage). Enhances "Mythical Flames" into "Revelation of The Skies" which enables player to tilt their head upwards and howl, resulting in some meteors with white flames to fall at the same time (AoE explosions). Enhances "White Orbs" into "Chroma Burst" where players launches huge-white-fiery-beam out of his/her mouth (similar to flame v2's prominence burst but a bit longer and is white colored). This mode diminish 30% energy regeneration when activated

F (mas 0) - bullrush of strength - the user bullrushes toward its target, grabs it, and smashes it to the ground (acting like buddha's retribution dash but way stronger), dealing massive amounts of damage (S+) then ragdolls the user in the air

V (mas 250) - ascension - user transforms into a massive human-hybrid 5 times the size of a regular player, increasing damage by 150% instead of 50% (stackable), and granting 60% damage reduction (stackable), this lasts 1 minute with full rage meter

User stomps the ground and a mini earthquake is created where the cursor is and stuns the opponent while the user dashes to the cursor. If a opponent is caught in the hitbox then user slams them into the ground while bones fly everywhere. In the air, the user claps and creates a shockwave stunning where the cursor is while dashing at the opponent and slamming them into the ground throwing bones everywhere. This move does massive knockback and the end hit does not stun.

The user will summon a star that drags enemies towards it, then drops them on the ground. They are then trapped by a network of light beams acting as a cage. The user will then bring up a beam of light, a roaring flame, a black hole, and a shaking mountain, representing Light, Flame, Gravity, and Quake, the four fruits needed for Solar. They then combine to show the Sun itself, burning with power. Then, the sky turns blindingly bright for everyone caught in the move and the user. The Sun begins falling towards the trapped enemies. Once the Sun reaches the user, it will begin shaking and cracking, showing white light inside through the cracks. The sun then explodes massively, dealing impossibly high damage and shaking, burning, and blinding the screens of everyone trapped in the cage of light. All enemies nearby during the explosion suffer equal consequences.

That tone in your head? Build it in seconds. Perfect for jam sessions or recording, BIAS FX 2 is powered by our award-winning tone engine for soaring cleans, massive distortion, and full, meaty tone every time.

Access a massive library of meticulously crafted guitar amplifier models, from priceless vintage classics to modern high gain, plus ground-shaking bass and shimmering acoustic amps. You can even plug into fine-tuned acoustic amplifiers that allow you to emulate the sound of a real acoustic guitar using your electric guitar.


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