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Free Microsoft Office 2010 Proofing Tools Arabic //TOP\\ Download

office multi-language pack 2010 is an add-in product that can display the user interface of the office 2010 desktop applications windows, tabs, help, and so on in 37 different languages. in addition, proofing tools make it possible to check spelling, grammar, and so on in documents created in these languages. multi-language pack allows an organization to install any of the languages on most licensed office 2010 applications. users can switch back and forth between languages.

free microsoft office 2010 proofing tools arabic download

you can access outlook content from anywhere and from any device, and change your outlook settings from another machine. you can also share your calendars and contacts with other people, make appointments, and get email alerts when a calendar entry is created, changed, or deleted. you can set reminders, check your messages, and even respond to mail with a simple click of a button. microsoft office 2010 pro plus for mac also includes standard version of microsoft office 2010 for the mac, as well as word, powerpoint, and excel for mac, and outlook for mac. the full program retails for $149.99.

microsoft office 2010 is a free upgrade for those who purchased earlier versions of microsoft office. in addition, you can upgrade any previous versions of microsoft office that you have installed. microsoft will send you a new activation key for your software, as long as your product key is valid. once you have received the key, you can activate your software with it.

available at no cost with software assurance: if your organization has an office 2010 application suite with software assurance such as with a donation obtained through pngo program office multi-language pack is available at no cost as a software assurance benefit. the organization must have obtained a suite, not just an individual office product. office multi-language pack 2010 will be listed among the licensed downloads at microsoft's volume licensing service center in both cd and dvd versions. the cd version is for individual language packs; the dvd version is for all 37 language packs.


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