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Beelzebub Episode 33 UPDATED

The episode begins when their teacher presents them a new student,who supouse to be Hilda,who surprise everyone.That made Aoi kind of pissed and not only she.Hilda wanted to sit in front of Oga who make Aoi really angry,telling her that she shoud sit elsewhere.Hilda explain her that she have to stay there because she have to take care of baby Be`el.

Beelzebub Episode 33

The Child of Nemesis Part 1 (黒き太陽(ネメシス)の申し子 Kuroki Taiyō (Nemeshisu) no mōshigo) is the 33rd episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 135th episode of the Metal Saga. It aired on the date, November 13, 2011.

Ray and Winston eventually won the right to be on the game show. Egon noted all the questions were related to the Devil and his minions. Dyb quickly had Ray and Winston sign a standard release form so he wouldn't have to pay Marsha overtime. Egon realized the truth and rushed for Dyb. It was too late. Dyb Devlin was actually a minor demon and at stake were the Ghostbusters' souls. On the ride back to the Firehouse, Winston lamented the turn of events, repeatedly moaning "I have sold my soul to the Devil" (and when Ray pointed out Dyb was actually a separate minor demon, "I have sold my soul to a minor demon"). As soon as Peter proposed they not go to the episode taping, they were teleported to Dyb's plane of existence. 041b061a72


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