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Crysis Warhead Crack 1.1 64 Bit ^NEW^

The story of Crysis Warhead PC Game is continued the story of original Crysis game. All of the events of this game takes place in year 2020. The story of the game is that the air craft of the very dangerous aliens lands on the islands of Philippines. So these aliens are very dangerous and bloodthirsty so now the humanity of the hole world is in the danger. Because these aliens are very powerful and full of very dangerous nuclear weapons. These weapons technology also introduced in crysis 2.

Crysis Warhead Crack 1.1 64 Bit

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Everything worked fine on 32 bits Crysis but then i tried Warhead and i was shocked to see that the chicken DRM is still here on "non-DRM" GOG version, enemies and bullets fired will turn into chicken and the sound will simply go off, this is a famous anti-piracy measure used by Crytek back then but it seems it wasn't removed, at least not in the 32 bits binaries, i had to use a crack


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