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RONIN - All Girls Are The Same (Lyrics)

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RONIN - All Girls Are The Same (Lyrics)

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"All girls are the same" means a lot it doesn't mean that juice wrld was heart by a girl or something"All GIRLS ARE THE SAME" means that once juice wrld entered the room he wasn't able to talk because it's a codeine hell were they dirty up your name and they got no business talking in the face place it wasn't about a girl it was about Cupid because he only has a strong relationships with cupid so he thought money would make him happy but the 666 diverse in 999 means that once you in you will think it's a short cut but no things turn out to be bad like he said in lucid "YOU GAVE ME YOUR HEART THAT WAS FULL OF MISTAKES I GAVE YOU MY HEART AND YOU MADE IT HEARTBREAK" and he says " YOU LET ME FALLING AND LANDING INSIDE MY GRAVE I KNOW THAT YOU WANT ME DEAD...I HAVE THIS LUCID DREAMS WERE I XANT MOVE A THING THINKING OF YOU IN MY BED" that whole verse means a lot Juice Wrld ain't dead

I think that it means all girls act the same. he probably been through a lot of hoes and he cant handle it. He struggling to find the that's different. Each girl is the same and just breaks his heart. 041b061a72


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