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Abakada Unang Hakbang Sa Pagbasa Book

Abakada Unang Hakbang Sa Pagbasa Book

The Abakada Unang Hakbang Sa Pagbasa book is a primer for Filipino children who are learning how to read in their native language. The book was written by S. R. Enriquez and revised in 1976. It contains 32 pages of simple words and sentences that follow the Abakada alphabet, which is the original alphabet of the Filipino language based on the Spanish orthography.

The book aims to help children develop their basic reading skills and familiarize themselves with the sounds and symbols of the Filipino language. The book uses colorful illustrations and large fonts to make reading more enjoyable and engaging for young learners. The book also includes exercises and activities that test the children's comprehension and retention of the words they have learned.

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The Abakada Unang Hakbang Sa Pagbasa book is one of the recommended materials by the Department of Education (DepEd) for beginning and remedial reading instruction. The book is available for download on the DepEd Learning Portal, where teachers and parents can access other resources and guides for teaching Filipino literacy. The book is also part of the curriculum for Grade 1 students who are taking Filipino as a subject.

The Abakada Unang Hakbang Sa Pagbasa book is a valuable tool for promoting and preserving the Filipino language and culture among the younger generation. The book helps children appreciate the beauty and richness of their native tongue, as well as develop their cognitive and communication skills. The book is a testament to the importance of early childhood education and literacy development in shaping the future of the nation.


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