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Eley Hose Reel Where To Buy

Eley professional garden hose products will make your watering system the envy of the neighborhood. Custom design your lawn and garden watering needs with the most durable products on the market, backed by an industry-leading 10 year warranty. Start here, by exploring some of our most popular garden hose reels, garden hose and watering tools.

eley hose reel where to buy


Since 1990, Eley has placed quality and performance at the heart of their product offerings. In the face of countless inferior garden hoses and hose reels on the market, Eley sought to make these home and garden essentials more functional with increased longevity. With every heavy-duty hose reel and polyurethane hose comes Eley's commitment to drinking water safe products that are designed with no lead or other unsafe materials. Paired with an industry-leading 10-Year no-leak, no-rust, no-break warranty and guarantee, it's easy to see why thousands choose Eley for their hose and reel needs.

We offer a selection of high quality, durable water hose reel options, as well as hoses, watering tools, and hose accessories. Depending on your reel needs, there are wall-mounted, free-standing, cart, wagon, and post-mounted models. Our reels are made of commercial-duty aluminum-alloy, stainless-steel and lead-free brass components. Every part down to the sockets and plugs has been thoroughly tested and improved for the very best user experience possible. Whether the reel will be mounted in your backyard or needed as a mobile unit to wheel around your property, you can find options that more than satisfy your needs. We also have our own hoses, while are designed with ultra-lightweight polyurethane. This material is puncture, tear, cut, and abrasion-resistant, so it can handle whatever terrain you need to cross-from rocky driveways to rough concrete. These hoses are flexible and totally kink-resistant, so you won't have to deal with the annoyance of finding and releasing kinks while the hose is in use. We've gone the extra mile to ensure our hoses are lead, PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free, so you and your family will be 100% safe when drinking water from them. Plus, our hoses are mold and mildew resistant, so they can be stored virtually anywhere necessary. Once you use an Eley hose or reel, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner!

Watch this short 85 second video, which will give you a brief overview of our wall-mount hose reels. Discover the unique features, versatility and applications for which these work-horse models are best suited.

Rugged, rustproof metal construction, along with high-grade stainless steel hardware,delivers years of commercial-duty durability and reliable performance. An easy-mount wall plate,comes with all necessary stainless-steel mounting hardware. Coated with a high-grade, Spartan-bronze powder coat finish,Eley garden hose reels are backed by our industry-leading 10-Year No-Break and No-Rust warranty!

Forget about leaks. The entire plumbing on all Eley garden hose reels consists of just two ultra-durable and drinking-water-safe components; our brass & copper swivel (or rotary union) and our 6-1/2 foot polyurethane inlet hose, (also referred to as a jumper hose). Eley garden hose reels are backed by our industry-leading 10-Year No-Leak guarantee!

Whether you want to install this wall mount garden hose reel to a masonry surface such as brick, cement, cinder block, or a wood frame surface such as siding, stucco or Hardie Plank, you'll find the answer to all of your questions in our How to Mount a Garden Hose Reel to a House article.

The ELEY wall-mount garden hose reel can be configured for EITHER parallel OR perpendicular. Assembled into the parallel configuration, the garden hose will pull off the reel along-side the wall, whereas the perpendicular configuration will pull the hose out straight-away from the wall. You decide which configuration will work best for your particular application during the assembly process. The configuration you end up with depends on which of the two positions that the reel's arm can be attached to the wall plate you choose.. Click on the image to enlarge.

Yes, this can be accomplished by changing the orientation of how the arm & axle assembly is attached to the wall plate. To do so, the wall plate will need to be removed from the wall since the two bolts that attach the arm to it are accessed from the backside of the wall plate. For masonry surfaces that use anchor sleeves, you'll need to re-insert the bolts into the holes slowly and gently to get the threads restarted into the cone-shaped nut inside the anchor sleeve so as not to dislodge it or get the threads out of alignment. We've done this many times during photo shoots. We first take photos of the reel in the parallel position and then remove the wall plate, reattach the arm and remount the hose reel onto the brick wall to get photos of the perpendicular configuration. Click on the image to enlarge.

Yes, however, don't let that scare you away. Quick and easy assembly was one of our R&D team's primary objectives when designing the durable ELEY hose reels. We provide an excellent assembly manual with the hose reel as well as a full step-by-step video demonstrations of the assembly and installation on this website. Please visit our Assembly Instructions - Wall Mount Hose Reel page if you'd like to preview the manual and video.

Meet the best garden hose reels on the market. With tens of thousands of customer reviews, ELEY Hose Reels boast an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, with 99% of customers saying they would recommend them to family and friends. A Nebraska-born and family-owned manufacturer, the three Eley brothers have specifically crafted these premium-quality watering hose-reels for those who have a great appreciation for quality, performance, and durability. Made from commercial-duty aluminum-alloy, stainless-steel, and lead-free brass components, these professional-grade garden hose reel options are 100% drinking water safe and backed by an industry-leading 10-Year no-leak, no-rust, no-break warranty, and guarantee.

The Eley reel cart is built for a lifetime of use. The majority of the parts are either brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. It comes with a high-quality 6.5-foot leader hose and flat-free tires. Most of the parts have a powder-coated finish, and there is really nothing on the cart that should rust. Eley backs it with a 10-year no-leak guarantee.

Another quality hose-reel option is the Hoselink 82ft Retractable Hose Reel. Unlike the Eley reel, the Hoselink reel retracts the hose automatically, making it not only convenient but also a nice option for people with limited strength or mobility. The hose pulls out easily and returns to the reel with a slight tug, like a window blind. As it reels in, a guide roller moves from side to side as the hose enters the housing, ensuring that it spools on evenly. The reel comes with 6.5 feet of leader hose, a decent enough hose nozzle, and a quick-connect system that makes it easy to detach the hose from the spigot or to remove the nozzle. We also like that the Hoselink can be mounted at any height, eliminating the need for the user to bend over to deal with the hose or the reel. The Hoselink reel attaches to the side of a house or a sturdy fence post with four screws and can rotate from side to side.

In 1990 a series of yard care related products and accessories were introduced to the market by a midwestern family run business to help meet some of the unique needs of lawn and garden care. Their durable, long-lasting quality hose reels have become a standard in the industry, allowing the company to go global, but still hold the customer service standard expected from a small family run business.

Only high quality materials are used in the construction of the Eley products. Hose reels are made specifically for performance and durability in order to be a lasting product. As the highest rated reel on the market, all products are made with an aluminum reel with rust-proof metal construction including stainless steel hardware, oversized tubular frames, and powder coated finishes. The tires used in some of the models are also flat-free, making them more affordable and hassle free through the years of use you will get out of them. Connections from reel to hose are also of solid brass construction for ease of removal without worry of thread locking that can occur with other metal materials. Each reel also comes with a 6 foot leader hose made of durable polyurethane in order to get into those hard to reach spaces and make accessibility to your hose and hose storage that much more convenient. Reel brakes are also included on all models, as are tire brakes on those that have tires.

All of The Eley Corporation hose reels are backed by a 10 year guarantee to be free from defects, malfunction or failure in workmanship, under normal use. Some exceptions do surround seasonal exposure and types of water used, such as those that leave behind mineral deposits as it is up to the buyer to rinse and keep the parts clean due the the corrosive nature of this factor. Be sure to review their policy upon purchase, as it is very simple and straightforward in nature and very transparent concerning responsibility.If within 30 days of purchase you are unhappy with your product choice, then you may return your reel hassle-free with no hidden charges or restocking fees. However, you must have purchased it direct from the Eley corporation, and all shipping charges will be your responsibility. They do give you 45 days to have it returned after making the initial claim.

Consider what hose lengths you will be using with your reel of choice in order to determine if the reel is large enough to handle the length, or if you may need an extra capacity kit. Although the reels are pretty generous in their capacity, knowing in advance your needs, or future needs, can make your shopping experience much easier. 041b061a72


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