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Where To Buy Biltong

New York Biltong is a specialty store selling all of your favorite South African cured meat, groceries and beer. We are proud to be the only store in the Northeast bringing you the proper South African biltong experience that allows you to choose the cut, wetness and style of biltong.

where to buy biltong

"Hello people! Bought your made biltong 1kg pack now for a second time and oh my god how tasty it is! Shared some around office and everyone loves it and few people will order some too! Keep up good work! -Thanks, Darius!"

Our award winning recipe starts with a batch of our proprietary blend of spices. Our select USDA approved beef is cut, cured and hung to air dry with tender care. Each pound of our bledie lekker biltong is then selected, cut and packaged to order.

"We Free Staters believed that we had the best biltong in the country and I don't think that we were that wrong. Today your biltong arrived and I must say we were most impressed. It was simply outstanding and we have eaten so much already that nobody feels like any dinner.I just wanted to relay our compliments to you on a superb tasting product."I.R.California

"I have tried all the other brands of biltong in the US and none of them even come close to your Bledie Lekker biltong it's by far the best in the USA! Thank you"M.P.Pennsylvania

Bledie Lekker brand biltong and droewors is unique in the USA due to being authentic South African Biltong and Droewors. Made in the USA by AA Biltong under the supervision of a South African meat master and using award winning South African biltong and droewors recipes, Bledie Lekker biltong, snapsticks, chilibites and droewors is air cured by using the very latest South African technology in biltong production. AA Biltong has been producing this iconic South African high protein snack under USDA inspection for the past fifteen years and unlike other dried meat products such as beef jerky or meat sticks no heat is used in the production of authentic biltong with the end result being a naturally air cured and dried beef protein product with an unbeatable flavor that rivals the very best biltong products available back in South Africa. The name says it all so be warned if you try our biltong and droewors products you will always return for more as there is no comparison to Bledie Lekker biltong in the USA.

If you need to return an item, please contact us at with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond soonest with instructions for how to return items from your order.

For that real Authentic South African Biltong taste try ours today! Our tried and tested recipe has the perfect ratio of freshly roasted coriander, coarsely ground black pepper. Packed full of protein, biltong truly is the "King of healthy meat snacks".

Our mission is to bring you the finest quality, authentic South African ?? meat products available anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves in delivering just that to our customers everyday, giving them a memory of home, the real SA butchery taste. #tasteslikehome

Beef Biltong is a gourmet South African delicacy. It is air-dried with minimal ingredients including apple cider vinegar, spices such as ground coriander, and salt. This natural process gives beef biltong its tenderness and authentic flavor. The beef is then cut into thin slices, making it an easy, on the go, high protein healthy snack.

Wife and I been looking to get biltong in the states for awhile now. We have tried several brands but they all tasted pretty bad. Ayoba biltong is probably the closest one that we had in Africa that taste and have that same soft texture. If you want some good biltong, I highly recommend trying this!

I have been looking for some proper biltong for a while and was presently surprised at both quality and taste.While some might complain about uneven cuts, it's pretty much I would have gotten if I had to cut it myself.

Runder biltong is proper South African-style biltong. Made in a traditional way with just the right flavours that will take you on a 'tasty adventure' to South Africa in just one bite. We make delicious and wholesome meat snacks with no added sugars or artificial flavouring.

The BiltongMate boasts a cool design that is sure to turn heads, and is compact enough to fit conveniently on your kitchen counter, yet large enough to create up to 9 large slabs of biltong per batch. Crafted from crystal clear acrylic panels and stainless steel, its patented design has a sleek look that will make it an accent piece in your home, and a great conversation starter when entertaining. Whether you have guests to impress, want to take an exotic gift to friends, or desperately need to tame that biltong craving before it goes rogue, BiltongMate has you covered!

Although originating in South Acrica, over the years, there have been modern upgrades to some of the ingredients. Most families and butchers making biltong will have their own unique twists - and will always swear theirs is the best. They might switch classic vinegar for the red wine or apple cider variety. Or add a touch of brown sugar to sweeten things up. Or even bicarbonate of soda to tenderise and neutralise the biltong strips.

All this is to make sure the meat air-dries just right. It needs to be in a place with plenty of air circulating, and will take between five-seven days, depending on how you like your biltong. Good things come to those who wait, and all that...

When biltong is fresh, you can eat it within four days (if you have really great self control...), but when stored and packed just right, it can last a few months. Hence being the king of snacks for travellers over the centuries.

Compared to smoky beef jerky, biltong has a much meatier, deeper flavour - closer to game than most beef you will have tasted. Jerky can be teeth-shatteringly tough, whereas biltong should be tender and chewy. Oh, and biltong is much healthier thanks to the curing process (and low fat, low sugar content) to the way that it is made.

So you get our point. Biltong is a rich, delicious, protein-packed meat snack that has stood the test of time. While jerky has picked up flavours in all corners of the world, biltong has stayed true to its South African roots - a traditional snack for modern life.

Biltong is a South African classic. It is air-cured meat immersed in vinegar and spices. Various types of meat are used to make biltong but it is most commonly made from beef because of its widespread availability and lower costs. Other meats that can be used to prepare biltong include game meats such as ostrich or kudu. Cutting methods also vary, you can either cut fillets of meat into strips following the grain of the muscle or cut flat pieces sliced across the grain.

Biltong is very similar to jerky in the sense that they are both spiced, dried meats but the ingredients used are different, the preparation process is also different and the taste too is completely different. So biltong and jerky are not the same things.

Homemade biltong can take about 15 minutes to prepare and to achieve the best results, in the end, you will need a cut of good beef that is suitable for making biltong. After you've bought the perfect beef for making biltong, you can follow the steps below to prepare your biltong:

Then mix white vinegar and sauce into a large container where you can immerse the meat strips. Leave the meat strips in the mixture for about 3 to 4 hours to absorb and begin the curing process.

Finally, you can then add hooks to one end of the strips and hang them in your biltong box. It should take up to 5 or 6 days for the biltong to be ready, depending on the drying method and taste preference.

The biltong drying process is quite easy. After you're done with adding spices and other processes, you simply hook the meat on the thicker end of the strips and then hang the meat in a well aired, ventilated, isolated place to dry or you can use a biltong box. The drying process takes about 5 to 10 days depending on the drying method or personal preference.

The squeeze test will let you know whether your biltong is ready or not. When you squeeze the biltong, it should be hard but a bit squeezy because of the little moisture inside. Once you use the squeeze taste and confirm that it's hard and a bit squeezy, know that your biltong is ready.

When storing your biltong in a cool dry place, this will prevent it from going moldy. Freezing your biltong can make it last for a year, which is awesome. You can as well store your biltong in a paper bag, jar, or bowl it will remain good for a few days.

Mix all of the spices together and sprinkle over the beef. Sprinkle the vinegar and vigorously rub it all while keeping the hands on the beef. The biltong should then be cured for 24 hours. This should be done in the refrigerator, turning and rubbing the meat every now and then.

Luckily, biltong is made with simple ingredients, a big old dose of protein and all nine essential amino acids (for fat burning, muscle growth, reduced mental fatigue...the list goes on). To know more, read our blog about What is Biltong and its delicious benefits here.

The OG of beef biltong! These delicious air-dried, high-quality steak slices are made with only simple ingredients. Beef, vinegar, and spices - that's it! The best part? It's packed with 16g of protein. Plus, it's sugar-free, gluten-free, and contains 0 carbs. If you're craving an original steak taste, Stryve Original is the perfect flavor for you! Find it here.

Looking for more spice? Loaded with garlic and chilis, this spicy flavored biltong will satisfy your cravings for a spicy and healthy snack. Made without artificial ingredients, this bag of biltong is some of the purest biltong on the market. The strips of beef are both tender and seasoned with the perfect amount of heat. Check it out! 041b061a72


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