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FNF Mod Rainbow Friends: The Ultimate Rap Battle Challenge

FNF Mod Rainbow Friends: A Colorful and Creepy Rhythm Game

If you are a fan of rhythm games, you might have heard of , a mod that introduces a group of colorful and creepy characters from Roblox into the Friday Night Funkin' universe. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this mod, including how to play it, who are the Rainbow Friends, how to install it, and how to customize it.

fnf mod rainbow friends

Download Zip:

How to Play FNF Mod Rainbow Friends

The Gameplay Mechanics: How to win rap battles against the Rainbow Friends

The gameplay mechanics of FNF Mod Rainbow Friends are similar to the original game. You control Boyfriend, a young rapper who has to impress his Girlfriend's father by winning rap battles against various opponents. To do so, you have to press the arrow keys in time with the music and match the notes that appear on the screen. If you do well, you will fill up the progress bar in your favor and win the round. If you miss too many notes or press the wrong keys, you will lose health and eventually lose the round.

However, there are some differences between FNF Mod Rainbow Friends and the original game. For one thing, the mod has only one song called "Friends To Your End", which is divided into four parts. Each part corresponds to a different Rainbow Friend that you have to face. Each Rainbow Friend has a different personality and behavior, which affects how they sing and move. You will have to adapt to their rhythm and style to beat them. Also, some of them have special abilities that can make your life harder, such as changing the speed or direction of the notes.

The Game Modes: Story mode and freeplay mode

FNF Mod Rainbow Friends has two game modes that you can choose from. The first one is story mode, which follows a linear narrative where Boyfriend has to escape from a strange amusement park called Odd World where he encounters the Rainbow Friends. In story mode, you have to play through all four parts of the song in order, with cutscenes in between. You can also choose between three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard.

The second one is freeplay mode, which allows you to play any part of the song at any time without any cutscenes or story elements. In freeplay mode, you can also customize some aspects of the game, such as changing Boyfriend's skin or adding more notes to make it more challenging The Difficulty Levels: Easy, normal, and hard

As mentioned before, FNF Mod Rainbow Friends has three difficulty levels that you can choose from in story mode. Each difficulty level affects how many notes you have to hit and how fast they move. The higher the difficulty level, the more challenging the game becomes. Here is a table that shows the differences between the difficulty levels:

Difficulty Level Number of Notes Speed of Notes --- --- --- Easy Low Slow Normal Medium Normal Hard High Fast If you are new to rhythm games or FNF Mod Rainbow Friends, you might want to start with easy mode to get familiar with the game mechanics and the song. If you are looking for a moderate challenge, you can try normal mode, which is the default setting. If you are an expert player or want to test your skills, you can go for hard mode, which will require a lot of concentration and accuracy.

Who are the Rainbow Friends?

Blue: The drooling monster with a crown

The first Rainbow Friend that you will encounter in FNF Mod Rainbow Friends is Blue, a drooling monster with a crown on his head. He is the leader of the group and the most aggressive one. He likes to taunt and mock Boyfriend during the rap battle, and he will try to intimidate you with his loud and distorted voice. He also has the ability to make the notes disappear for a short time, which can confuse you and make you miss them.

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Green: The tentacle-like creature that is blind

The second Rainbow Friend that you will face in FNF Mod Rainbow Friends is Green, a tentacle-like creature that is blind. He is the most curious and friendly one of the group, and he seems to be interested in Boyfriend's music. He has a soft and gentle voice, and he will sing along with you in harmony. However, he also has the ability to make the notes move in random directions, which can make it hard for you to follow them.

Orange: The lizard-like beast with a huge mouth

The third Rainbow Friend that you will meet in FNF Mod Rainbow Friends is Orange, a lizard-like beast with a huge mouth. He is the most hungry and greedy one of the group, and he wants to eat Boyfriend as a snack. He has a deep and raspy voice, and he will try to bite you with his sharp teeth during the rap battle. He also has the ability to make the notes speed up or slow down, which can mess up your timing and rhythm. Purple: The mysterious puppet master that controls the others

The fourth and final Rainbow Friend that you will confront in FNF Mod Rainbow Friends is Purple, a mysterious puppet master that controls the others. He is the most intelligent and cunning one of the group, and he has a hidden agenda behind his actions. He has a calm and sinister voice, and he will manipulate the other Rainbow Friends to join him in the rap battle. He also has the ability to make the notes change color, which can make it difficult for you to distinguish them.

How to Install FNF Mod Rainbow Friends

The Requirements: A PC with Windows, macOS, or Linux

To play FNF Mod Rainbow Friends, you will need a PC with Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system. You will also need the original Friday Night Funkin' game, which you can download for free from . You will also need a program that can extract ZIP files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.

The Steps: Downloading and extracting the mod files

Once you have the original game and the extraction program, you can follow these steps to install FNF Mod Rainbow Friends:

  • Go to and click on the "Download" button.

  • Save the ZIP file to your computer and locate it in your downloads folder.

  • Right-click on the ZIP file and choose "Extract Here" or "Extract to FNF-Mod-Rainbow-Friends" (depending on your extraction program).

  • Open the extracted folder and find the "FNF-Mod-Rainbow-Friends.exe" file.

  • Double-click on the file to launch the mod and enjoy!

The Tips: Backing up your original game files and checking for updates

Before you install FNF Mod Rainbow Friends, you might want to back up your original game files in case something goes wrong or you want to play the original game again. To do so, you can copy and paste the entire Friday Night Funkin' folder to another location on your computer. You can also rename it to something like "Friday Night Funkin' Original" to avoid confusion.

Another tip is to check for updates regularly on . The mod developers might release new versions of the mod with bug fixes, improvements, or new features. To update the mod, you can simply download the latest version of the ZIP file and extract it over your existing mod folder.

How to Customize FNF Mod Rainbow Friends

The Skins: Changing the appearance of the characters and backgrounds

If you want to change the appearance of the characters and backgrounds in FNF Mod Rainbow Friends, you can use skins. Skins are alternative graphics that replace the original ones in the game. You can find many skins for FNF Mod Rainbow Friends on , where fans upload their own creations. Some examples of skins are:

  • : A skin that makes the Rainbow Friends look more adorable and less creepy.

  • : A skin that transforms the Rainbow Friends into human versions of themselves.

  • : A skin that turns the Rainbow Friends into Among Us characters.

To use skins, you have to download them from GameBanana and extract them to your mod fold


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