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Our Programs

In our program, participants will learn how to eat healthy, care for their bodies, and the environment, this includes youth and senior citizens. Through our organization we want families to find the resources that will provide employment for family and community. Upon completion of our program, participants will be prepared for entrepreneurship endeavors.

Youth Program

​We offer 8-week sessions year-round to youth ages 5-17. Our main goal is to provide skills to participants that will help them learn care for their selves and one another. We want our participants to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become the economic foundation that sustains at-risk people and families in Pittsburgh and communities at-large.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. Participants learn to grow food and or find it.

  2. How to find water and purify it.

  3. Learn the art of clothing repair

  4. Learn basic grooming skills

  5. Learn First Aid.

  6. How to start and maintain a fire.

  7. Learn basic self-defense strategies/Fitness

  8. Learn financial strategies to become and maintain youth entrepreneurs*

  9. Learn cabin building (optional)

  10. Each participant creates their own “Bug Out” bag


Our entrepreneurship program will allow you to learn what it takes to mass produce your product and how to market. On-site experience will give new markets the experience of group trading, price setting and book-keeping. With these skills, we are on our way to an economic foundation.

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